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    Luxury 600 TC 100% Egyptian Cotton ORGANICALLY GROWN BABY CRIB FITTED SHEET Egyptian Cotton Crib Sheet measures 28" x 52" with 9" deep pocket and elastic all the way around.


    Why Egyptian Cotton Throughout the past two centuries, Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt's biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the "best" cotton in the world, its softness, strength and superior characteristics, have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as the world's finest. Egyptian cotton has not gained such a reputation without reason.

    Egyptian cotton "is" the world's finest cotton and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibers:

    * The length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn * The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress

    * Its ability to absorb liquids gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colors

    * Its softness feels like nothing else in the world * Egyptian cotton is hand picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibers - as opposed to mechanical picking - leaving the fibers straight and intact.

    All these factors have resulted in the Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.