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    Design Guide & Tips

    Design Guide & Tips

    Make Your Guests Feel Right at Home Whether you are gearing up for holiday guests or just the annual visit from your Mother in law, you will want to make sure that your guest's stay is as comfortable, pampered and pleasant as can be. Extending your hospitality makes any visit that much more enjoyable and it'll give you the incentive to finally clean up your extra bedroom or den.

    Take an inventory, how long will your guest(s) be staying?, Do they have any special needs? What type of mattress or size will work best? If you need to purchase a mattress, select a good quality mattress that is flexible and useful even when you don't have guests. In general, if you have multiple visits throughout the year, a queen size bed is the clear winner. It will accommodate both your single guests as well as couples.

    When it comes to selecting your bedding, you'll want to purchase high quality linens such as Anippe 100% Egyptian Cotton, that reflect comfort and quality and fit the mattress correctly. Nothing is worse than a set of Cal King Sheets on a Twin bed, your guests will be completely mummified by morning!

    Some of your guests may suffer from certain allergic reactions to dyes, fabrics or compounds, so you'll also want to select materials that are least likely to cause any sort of reaction. There's nothing worse than an irritated guest, it'll make their visit miserable for both you and your company.

    Provide plenty of warm blankets, and fluffy pillows, fresh towels and perhaps a "hotel" gift basket with soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Make sure the room is clean, tidy and smells fresh and you and your guests will be sure to enjoy their visit, and they may even want to come back. Are you looking for the finest collection of Egyptian cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton bath towels, duvet covers, luxury sheets, bedding sets, comforter sets, bed skirts, king size sheets, queen size sheets, bath rugs, quilts, deep pocket sheets, mattress topper, beach towels curtains and complete bedding sets? Look no further than for all your Egyptian cotton bedding needs.

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