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    What is Egyptian Cotton ?

    What is Egyptian Cotton

    Wikipedia Says,

    “Gossypium barbadense, also known as extra long staple (ELS) cotton as it generally has a staple of at least 1⅜" or longer, and also as sea island cotton, is a species of cotton plant. Varieties of ELS cotton include American Pima, Egyptian Giza, Indian Suvin, Chinese xinjiang, Sudanese Barakat, and Russian Tonkovoloknistyi, It is a tropical, frost-sensitive perennial plant that produces yellow flowers and has black seeds. It grows as a small, bushy tree and yields cotton with unusually long, silky fibers. To grow, it requires full sun and high humidity and rainfall.”

    The fundamental and prime clash and characteristic being that both regular cotton and Egyptian cotton come from different plants so their properties are never going to be the same.

    Egyptian cotton is hand-picked so puts less stress on the fibers, leaving them straight and intact. These fibers can be made longer to create very fine yarns which make it possible to make yarns without sacrificing the length, giving stronger and softer cotton, unlike regular cotton which has more splices.


    Why Egyptian Cotton? Who We ARE? What we do? Out Agenda and Vision

    The first thing to understand is that Egyptian cotton and Regular Cotton come from different plants. Therefore their properties can never be exactly the same. Egyptian cotton is formed from the rich soil beside the “Nile River”. The moist atmosphere of the “Nile River Valley” makes the ideal conditions to raise long cotton fibers called “staples”.  Fibers from Egyptian Cotton are substantially longer than regular cotton.  So what does this mean? The longer staple translates into more uninterrupted fiber to use when composing yarn and threads.  This means there are fewer splices and therefore the threads and eventually the fabrics are stronger.  This also gives us the ability to turn these extra-long fibers into very fine yarn making it softer and more lustrous than regular cotton. Because we can generate finer yarn from Egyptian cotton, we are able to pack more
    thread counts into each square inch.  These results in an extremely taut weave of the fabric.  This also helps us to create stronger fabric and therefore Egyptian cotton sheets last significantly longer than regular cotton.

    Let me clear one thing we are not the supporters of Egyptian cotton actually we want to provide best to our customers. Get best quality on Egyptian Bed Sheets, wholesale Bed skirts, Egyptian Down Comforters, Egyptian cotton Duvets covers, Mattress Topper, Pillows and Cases, Wholesale Bath Towels Window Treatments, Egyptian Cotton linen, whole sale Bedding sets and any kind of garments like Bath Robes, Baby Romper, Tank Tops, T-shirts, Women’s Pajamas and Anippe Pets. Anippe believes on quality not in quantity as one home run is much better than two doubles.

    We are serving our customers in two countries in Unites States and Egypt. Anippe provides best quality cotton which is directly comes from manufactures. We ensure to offer you best quality at affordable, reasonable and cheapest price. Our price is cheapest you can see around 70% to 85% of retail price.

    Our Agenda and vision is to provide best to you as we believe:

    “Quality is everyone’s responsibility”

    _ W. Edwards Deming

    We believe in customers’ relaxation and reliability because it’s customers who make a company best. We are in going to rock the industry by providing you best quality. Our vision doesn’t end there we have a wide way to rock.

    “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

    _John Ruskin