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    Here’s what you need to know about Egyptian cotton linens

    Here’s what you need to know about Egyptian cotton linens
    Few fabrics can be compared with luxury Egyptian cotton, so here’s some quick facts and tips to help you decide what’s best when trying to buy quality Egyptian cotton sheets. The Egyptian cotton has longer fibers and a special density. The Egyptian cotton fibers can reach 0.0228 mm at most, which offers luxury Egyptian linens both strength and finesse.
    The Egyptian cotton lines are made of threads tightly twisted to be able to withstand frequent washes and usage. Quality Egyptian cotton percale sheets may last you up to 8 years, if you take good care of it. How can this be achieved? Well, there’s a special method applied when weaving luxury Egyptian cotton. Cutting Egyptian cotton percale or Egyptian cotton duvet covers also needs extra care, because the final product must be a luxury one, no lint being allowed.
    Egyptian cotton pillows and Egyptian cotton bed sheets are among the best linens to enjoy a good night sleep. No matter whether you chose 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets or 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, your skin can breathe, without feeling the pressure, like in the case of other duvet covers.
    Another advantage of the luxury Egyptian linens is that the Egyptian cotton is so fine, smooths, glossy and resists well during ironing. But one of the most important aspect is that the quality Egyptian cotton sheets do not cause allergies.
    Finding good Egyptian cotton percale for your bed sheets might take time, especially when you are looking for luxury Egyptian linens such as 400 or 1800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Just don’t think about the money. Or, at least think twice when seeing a low price. Quality matters first when buying Egyptian cotton duvet covers, linens or pillows.
    A good advice would be to buy Egyptian bed sheets wholesale. Some stores such as the Anippe Egyptian cotton linen store also offer the possibility to benefit of the low prices offered by the Egyptian cotton wholesale. This way, you can change all your bed sheets with quality Egyptian cotton linens, or you can surprise your loved ones with a perfect gift.
    While you’re shopping at Anippe, take a look at our selection of Egyptian bath towels, also available as in the 100 Egyptian cotton bath towels versions. If you are looking to buy bulk bed sheets, you can find at Anippe Egyptian cotton bedding store not just Egyptian sheets sales, nut also a large selection of linens wholesale prices, and even bedding for hotels wholesale. For those having trouble finding their favorite colored Egyptian cotton bedding, we have also prepared some examples of an Egyptian bedroom, for inspiration.